Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day Off 3 & 4, and then some

 Okay, so I didn't do too much on my days off, I just went shopping with my bff aka biffiles Jason. Though I did pick up Just Dance 3 on my way home from work the night before, lucky for me my dad had a gift card for Best Buy he wasn't going to use, so I snatched it up and picked up my dancing addiction supplement. Btdubs, it is awesome. Seriously. You can choose which dancer you want to be in the duets, so no one is stuck being the girl, and they have 4 player choreographed dances, including "This is Halloween" by Danny Elfman...Oh yeah, I will only play the pumpkin head. So, besides just wandering around and hanging out with Jason I didn't do much of anything productive.
The next day I sat in bed and started working on a drawing that I've had in mind to do for a while, not sure if I want to continue doing it digitally, but I think when I go to print it, it will look really great. Later I might make a silk screening version to do myself, but I've already put time into this version so I'm going to see it through. Here is a bit of a preview.

 Earlier this week I did do something fun though, Emily, a new friend I made at work, and I went to check out a resale shop I have never been too before, and now LOVE. Then I introduced her to the wonderful world of Target. Then we went to the mall to get feather extensions, and pick up a free pair of panties from Victoria's Secret. It was a fun day, until I had to go to work for a closing shift. I like the feathers, it doesn't look all that great the way it is in the photo, but then I don't care right now haha.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Day Off 2

 Another day off, and the last one for five days, so I tried to make the most of it by starting the minute I got off work last night. The only thing I accomplished last night was checking out the new HEB down the road, gawking at the Garden Ridge on fire, and making the butternut squash cake mix for my aunt's birthday today. Then I passed out on the couch watching cartoons again. This morning I made the marshmallow icing while watching a variety of early morning cartoons, mostly because there was nothing on worth watching. 

Bubbie : Quality Control Specialist OR Art Director

 After debating wether to get off the couch or not I dragged myself to the mall to bring some of the cupcakes to the 'taste testers' that I work with to see what they thought. Then I sped off  to the post office, which was pretty much empty to my surprise to send off a creepy package. 

 Followed by another round of sitting around on the couch vegging out, then I decided to go ahead and dye some fabric. I only got the first 5 yards in, and only in teal, not sure if I'm going to add another color or just dye all the different pieces in different colors for my renfest garb. Yes, I am a huge nerd. Then dad and I went over to my aunt's house to wish her happy birthday and drop off the cupcakes. Then I did nothing but dread the next five days of work ahead of me. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day Off 1

 So, I didn't really know what to do with this blog, because it's only really for me and my stalker friends. So to keep doing something, every time I have a day off I'll post what I do, since I usually try to pack in as much arting and crafting as possible.

 Alright, so, today I ran around for a few hours hitting up the craft stores with my stack of coupons getting fabric for the Texas RenFest. Of course all of this was done only after I made an egg and pepperjack cheese sandwich for breakfast and watched the dracula/bugs bunny episode of Looney Tunes. When I came home I made cupcakes...I wanted to make Halloween themed ones so I can give them as gifts, but I wanted to test out the flavors before I handed them off to people. So I made chocolate/irish cream cake with Amaretto icing. When I went to the liquor store I asked the employees what they thought would taste good, I think I kind of threw them for a loop, but I honestly didn't know what kind of icing it was going to be until I got there and spent a good half hour staring at the shelf.

 So after talking to April around 12 I headed over to a friend's house, who, it turns out lives almost spitting distance from me, so that I could help her alter a peasant skirt she had gotten from work to wear to the RenFest. I ended up spending 4 hours there talking and playing with her new kitten and got only a few things done on the skirt. 

 The last third of the day wasn't so glamourous, I took a nap, ate some salmon, watched Indiana Jones and finished the skirt, and jabbed my finger in the machine. Other than the end, I think I packed in quite a bit, but it was still kind of a lazy day. Approved. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bat boy

I found this little guy over at a craft store, so I picked him up and finished painting him the other night. Not really sure if I like how he turned out, but I'm too lazy to go and change it now. Next will be a pumpkin head, I love Halloween. 

More cupakes,

These are chocolate cake, again, with whiskey ganache filing and either raspberry or vanilla icing.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I was trying to keep my watercolor skills a bit sharp, so, since I've been watching a little too much of Tangled I decided to do Rapunzel.