Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day Off 3 & 4, and then some

 Okay, so I didn't do too much on my days off, I just went shopping with my bff aka biffiles Jason. Though I did pick up Just Dance 3 on my way home from work the night before, lucky for me my dad had a gift card for Best Buy he wasn't going to use, so I snatched it up and picked up my dancing addiction supplement. Btdubs, it is awesome. Seriously. You can choose which dancer you want to be in the duets, so no one is stuck being the girl, and they have 4 player choreographed dances, including "This is Halloween" by Danny Elfman...Oh yeah, I will only play the pumpkin head. So, besides just wandering around and hanging out with Jason I didn't do much of anything productive.
The next day I sat in bed and started working on a drawing that I've had in mind to do for a while, not sure if I want to continue doing it digitally, but I think when I go to print it, it will look really great. Later I might make a silk screening version to do myself, but I've already put time into this version so I'm going to see it through. Here is a bit of a preview.

 Earlier this week I did do something fun though, Emily, a new friend I made at work, and I went to check out a resale shop I have never been too before, and now LOVE. Then I introduced her to the wonderful world of Target. Then we went to the mall to get feather extensions, and pick up a free pair of panties from Victoria's Secret. It was a fun day, until I had to go to work for a closing shift. I like the feathers, it doesn't look all that great the way it is in the photo, but then I don't care right now haha.

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