Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day Off 1

 So, I didn't really know what to do with this blog, because it's only really for me and my stalker friends. So to keep doing something, every time I have a day off I'll post what I do, since I usually try to pack in as much arting and crafting as possible.

 Alright, so, today I ran around for a few hours hitting up the craft stores with my stack of coupons getting fabric for the Texas RenFest. Of course all of this was done only after I made an egg and pepperjack cheese sandwich for breakfast and watched the dracula/bugs bunny episode of Looney Tunes. When I came home I made cupcakes...I wanted to make Halloween themed ones so I can give them as gifts, but I wanted to test out the flavors before I handed them off to people. So I made chocolate/irish cream cake with Amaretto icing. When I went to the liquor store I asked the employees what they thought would taste good, I think I kind of threw them for a loop, but I honestly didn't know what kind of icing it was going to be until I got there and spent a good half hour staring at the shelf.

 So after talking to April around 12 I headed over to a friend's house, who, it turns out lives almost spitting distance from me, so that I could help her alter a peasant skirt she had gotten from work to wear to the RenFest. I ended up spending 4 hours there talking and playing with her new kitten and got only a few things done on the skirt. 

 The last third of the day wasn't so glamourous, I took a nap, ate some salmon, watched Indiana Jones and finished the skirt, and jabbed my finger in the machine. Other than the end, I think I packed in quite a bit, but it was still kind of a lazy day. Approved. 

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